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Note:- I enjoyed writing short stories especially when I was younger. I have lost touch with writing stories over the pass few years and this here, is my attempt for a restart. The prompt is “Did he ever loved me? BROKEN“ It all started when Tony lost his mum at the University teaching hospital, heContinue reading “BROKEN”


Nov 7 #peotry, Life isn’t as beautiful as fairy talesAs a child, I grew up believing that Stars isn’t far from the roof. Until I tried tossing up my broken tooth into the sky. Now the sun has set in broad daylight and I am ready to sail into the deepest ocean without a paddle.Continue reading “#02 :- RISKING IT”

Self Introduction

Self Introduction 6 Nov 2020 #1,#zerotohero,#review Hi readers, today officially marks the first post of my blog and I must say,it is good to be here. My name is Mary Matthias, I am in my 20s. I was born and brought up in Nigeria and my home town is down to the southern part ofContinue reading “Self Introduction”

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